Start with loading your DiffExpression results. We accept tab-separated files with columns: GeneSymbol Pvalue Log2FoldChange You can first download the sample res.txt file for mouse muscular tissue differential expresion results, and then try uploading it.

when your file is uploaded, you can click button below to get Volcano plot

you can adjust tresholds, it will change the look of your volcano plot and enrichment results

It can take a while, please be patient

Welcome to VolcanoR web sevice

Short howto:

1. Prepare your differential expression results in tab separated format, you can see example HERE
2. Upload your file on left panel, and click 'Generate volcano plot' button
3. Now you can go to the Results tab and see generated plot
4. You can adjust tresholds and regenerate plot
5. When you like list of genes you selected, you can do KEGG and GO enrichment test by clicking button


KEGG enrichment analysis


GeneOntology biological process enrichment analysis


Selected genes